Bead Knitting Service For Half Doll Skirts

Do you have an old Half Doll that belonged to someone special,or don't have the time to knit yourself?
Well I am happy to announce Corals Beadknitting Service.
You can choose your Pattern,Beads and Cotton from our extensive range.
And Coral will do the rest.
Cost depends on the amount of hanks,cotton and time that it takes to knit the skirt.
Two easy steps.
Step 1....Email us to discuss your requirements.

 Step 2.... Choose the pattern,colours of your beads and cottons from our extensive range on offer.

We will email you with a quote for the beadknitting.And if you are happy we can then go ahead.

List of patterns,beads and cotton colours will be emailed to you.

 Please contact me,by clicking on this email link.

Please click on Home at the top of this page to see knitted skirts and dolls.


  1. no comments - I'm looking for this pattern- v26f1

    1. Hi
      Could you please email me using my Contact Me page,you will find it at the top of this page,so I am able to return your email.And help you with your request.
      Kind regards
      Margie T