About Me

My name is Margaret Tobin,I live with John,my husband and two sweet and peskie miniature poodles,Darcy and Jasper,at Windermere in the Tamar Valley in Tasmania,which is the small island at the bottom of Australia.
 I began china painting around 18 years ago,and was introduced to half doll's,which captured my heart and so began the journey,first painting and dressing one for my Mum,Sister and her daughter Rebecca,and then starting my own collection.
 Half dolls have taken over my painting now,I mean how many plates does one need!!!!
 Have included some examples of china painting that I completed over the years.

We have a small business,called Windermere Woodcraft which is located on the same property as our home,where I sell my handpainted half doll's with or without beaded skirts.Beaded scissor and needlecases and kits.Beaded cabochon brooches and tote bags. My husband, John makes beautiful Boxes,Mirrors,Small Cabinets,3D Carvings and Wall Plaques.John has been practising the art of "Intasia" for 35 years now.
We are open to the public 7 days a week.So if you are ever in Tasmania,please fell free to call in,here is a small taste of John's work.

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  1. Love your paintings Margie, congratulations :))

  2. Thankyou Pat
    Pleased you enjoyed looking at them.